Assurance Services

It is of vital importance that clients are able, at all times, to make informed decisions based on the best possible financial and non-financial information.

While auditing of historical financial information for providing an independent opinion on its truth and fairness by assessing against the relevant laws and regulations is perceived to be a cornerstone of the assurance services, such services go well beyond the scope of auditing. Assurance services are nearly limitless in the type of information that they can involve. The key is that the information is gathered and presented in a way designed for decision-makers to process and utilize. While the users for audits largely is made up of shareholders and creditors, the users for assurance services usually consist of internal managers and supervisors. In this way, assurance services work to support executives in their work, serving as a third-party provider of research and assessment that typically either would be the result of internal evaluations or would be unavailable.

Assurance services often evaluate existing information, but they also might serve to provide context to the information, or to assess how relevant the information ultimately is.

Our assurance services procedures are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our approach pursued in rendering these services varies depending on the engagement’s scope.

The services that we provide are:

  • Statutory audits of financial statements
  • Production Sharing Contracts audits
  • Tax audits
  • Joint venture audits
  • Vendors’ audits
  • Internal audits
  • Budgets audits
  • Fraud audits
  • Due dilligence audits
  • Special purpose audits